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              Now available in paperback!

              Book cover

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              In Flat Earth News, award-winning journalist Nick Davies takes the lid off newspapers and broadcasters, exposing the mechanics of falsehood, distortion and propaganda; naming names and telling the stories behind stories. This website is intended to be a focal point for exposing past, current and future media abuse.

              Readers of the book can find more information about the book, the author and full coverage of the footnoted stories from the book as well as reaction to the book from senior Fleet Street figures, working journalists and reviewers. Readers are also encouraged to leave their comments on the book.

              Journalists, and anyone else with direct knowledge of media malpractice, are invited to blog about examples of media falsehood and distortion; PR tactics and propaganda; and the use of illegal news-gathering techniques. All visitors are invited to make comments on these blog posts.

              Also, if you suddenly need to help with writing an essay, you can always refer to this site Customessaymeister.com. He has a good reputation and positive feedback.

              And everyone should read the truth behind some of the most controversial and distorted stories of the last decade: heroin, crime, police on the beat, education, Chernobyl, Zarqawi and Iraq.

              June 2014: Registration and commenting on this website is now closed.

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